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Hate Unbound – Plague

Coming from Detroit, 2013 founded Hate Unbound releases their first album Plague. They play trash and death metals love child , a combination that works well. Previously they have warmed up bands such as Dying Fetus and they’re going on US tour in April.

The opening track of the album, Baptized in Lies explodes in your face dirty, gruesome and with a proper tempo. As you would expect from the genre, the music is fast, guitars roar with overdrive and the vocals remind me of deathrattle. In a good way. Burn Your Idols takes clearly its influences from Death, it isn’t as fast, but relies more in the darker atmosphere. The riffs in this song remind the aforesaid, but lacks a bit and I hoped more emotion in the ambience. The song Soiled reminds me of crossover trash’s angry little brother, that unfortunately slows down in the end. One of the most brutal songs of the album, I, Martyr has also been made into a music video, The drummer is squeezed from his last bits of energy here and the riffs are intense, but some melodies have been fitted in.

The album sounds just like its genre They combined the speed of trash, where as the brutality and darkness come from death. The vocals don’t have anything to complain about and they fit the songs good, even though the style is pretty common. Riffs are hacking, but the melodic parts don’t stick out from that. All in all, the album is united and well made, but it really doesn’t bring much new to it’s genre.

Personal rating – 4/5
In genre – 4/5