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My Own Ghost – Life On Standby

This is a music video of fresh single song from My Own Ghost, a Luxembourgian band that was found 2013. The new album is released 7.4. The band is rock, with a hint of pop and melodic heavy influences & relies heavily on singer Julie Rodesch strong vocals. The future album  the same name as the single Life On Standby and it will be the bands second full length release.

The song itself is trendy and pop influenced rock ballad with synths. The vocals are clean and the singers strong voice carries well through the song. The peaceful pace, calm guitars and barely noticeable organs give the song a peaceful feel to it. On the other hand it has it’s cost. Nothing really stands out in the song, except when the singer occasionally lets loose.

The music video is story based and the surprise of it is saved until the end. Even though it is pretty clear earlier than that, due to huge amount of hints. The actor does a decent job, even though he is no Malkovich. A good idea for the video suffers some from mediocre execution, but it still isn’t a bad one.