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The Empire Strikes – High Tide

17.2 The Empire Strikes’s second full length album High Tide was released. The band was formed in 2012 and after a few EPs their first album 1983 was released in 2015. It achieved popularity as well as resulted gigs and a tour. The Empire Strikes is a straightforward rock band with a touch of influences from bands like Billy Talent and The Clash.

The album sets of with music video song All Hope Is Gone and it paints a good and accurate picture of the album in general. It’s a fresh, but traditional rock song and it will make your feet tap. Tommi Tuoriniemis vocals are at the same time sharp and tender, a rare combination. Take Me Out creates a flasback of a hot summers day, cruising with a convertible roof down in the countryside. Easiness and cheerfulness from the song is very impressive and it creates great mental images. Even the more darker songs from the album, like Shallow Grave won’t depress, as it too is relaxing. The riffs on the album are traditional, they’re not reinventing the wheel, but rather customize it for their own use.

As a whole the record is good, quality is high and the songs are catchy. I would’ve wished for some edge to some of the songs and a bit of deviation between songs. The musicians play well together and the songs show the experience they have together. Songs are short and they carry well through, from start to the end.


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Personal rating – 3.5/5
In genre – 4.5/5