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Turmion Kätilöt – Interview

Turmion Kätilöt is an industrial metal band, formed in 2003 by the singer MC Raaka Pee and DJ Vastapallo. This Finnish singing discometal band is known for their energetic and enthusiastic liveshows. The band includes also bassist Master Bates, drummer DQ, keyboardist RunQ and guitarist Bobby Undertaker. The second singer Spellgoth departed from the band after 13 years. The singer MC Raaka Pee told us that no drama was involved in the resignation. ”It was nothing special. We had tons of fun. We reminiscenced with warm feelings and keep on doing new stuff!”
Bands new album Dance Panique saw the light of day 17.3. It was supposed to be released 10.2, but the date was postponed due a band members illness. The fans have been understanding, and like MC said, nobody can avoid getting sick. In the end, the date might have not been necessary to move at all, because they got the records pretty fast from the factory. ”Well, we played it safe. The album is full of summer and winter hit songs!”

The bands Facebook-page told about a song addition for the release, but it didn’t go through. ” Several songs fell off the album waiting for better unity. We have material ready for almost two albums, from which this album is assembled from. We wanted to make a few changes and execute a few more ideas. We receive letters, where people tell us that our music has saved them. I’ve also heard, that is gets them on a good mood and spirits when they listen to our inventions.”

The band can’t name their favourite place to perform, ”We haven’t seen insurmountably nauseating yet.” Photo from 2011 MetalOrgy by Markus Laakso

Energetic live performance includes snazzy outfits and facepaints. In the backstage before a concert, they enjoy refreshments, dress up in the outfits and paint their faces for the performance of the evening. New costumes are acquired, if an old one brakes. Some of the crew have regular attires and some switch them up more often. These days they know how to relax more, the singer explains.

If you dare, would you want to share one more dirty happening from the backstage?

”Once Spekkeli (Spellgoth) performed defecation and for some odd reason the toilet paper kept on slipping from his hand. He was flabbergast about the problem at hand. I think it was a club in Turku. Isn’t a shitty story dirty?”